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Join the Friends of AWC Foundation Supporter program 

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By contributing a range of specialist skills and by promoting the organisation, our Foundation Supporters are helping to build a strong foundation for AWC activities into the future. 

Foundation Supporter contributions support key conservation actions and are used to help fund: 

  • The operation of AWC sanctuaries around Australia including the implementation of practical, on-ground activities such as fire management; and   

  • Our world class science program including scientific research, the measurement of ecological health and the design of land management strategies. 


Financial contributions from Foundation Supporters include making an annual tax deductible donation of at least £5,000 per annum for five years.

Embark on a fundraising challenge 

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Creating a fundraising website with an online fundraising platform such as JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving and GoFundMe, that clearly states your objective and why you are passionate about contributing to AWC’s mission is a great way to inspire people to give.  

Adding an extra element of embarking on something adventurous can be a fun and engaging way to help boost the money being raised. Challenge yourself and some friends to complete a long walk, a long-distance run, a multiple-day bike ride or something else in the spirit of adventure, to engage your audience even more!

To raise awareness for your fundraising page, spread the word with your family, friends and colleagues. Share the link via your social media accounts and company's newsletter or a company-wide email. And be sure to share your progress often!

Friends of AWC can provide images of wildlife to personalise your fundraising page and to convey your message with impact. Contact our team to get a fundraising pack with wildlife images to maximise your impact!

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Inviting your personal and/or professional network to a dinner party or function helps us to widen our reach to new audiences, allowing us to further share the message of the vital work AWC is doing on the ground. This could be hosted at home, work, or another event space.  

Host A function for Friends of AWC 

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You can make a substantial difference by facilitating an introduction to individuals or corporations who may be interested in supporting AWC. We greatly appreciate introductions to: 

  • Friends, family, or colleagues who may be interested in supporting AWC’s work.  

  • Key influencers (celebrities, media personalities, social media influencers). 

  • Corporations who are interested in providing financial or in-kind support.  

  • Government contacts.  

  • Media contacts who are interested in publishing a story featuring AWC’s conservation projects. 

We value any such opportunities to expand our network of support. Contact our London-based Philanthropic Relationships Lead to make an introduction.

Facilitate introductions 

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Facilitate a donation matching challenge 

Either as a company or a family foundation, matching funds for an AWC program or appeal is a wonderful opportunity to increase engagement. By publicly announcing your support of AWC’s work, you provide an invaluable gift of helping to grow our conservation model’s credibility and reputation. 

Get in touch to talk to our team about launching a matching campaign

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Donate proceeds of items sold 

Whether you are an artist, author, or retail business owner, donating proceeds from sales is a wonderful and generous initiative to support threatened species and boost your brand reputation.  

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Host an informal fundraising event 

This could come in the form of a morning tea in your office, a BBQ with friends and family, a friendly sports tournament or even organising a quiz at a local pub. Friends of AWC can provide materials and advice to assist you with your fundraising efforts. 

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Gifts with impact 

Taking the opportunity to help threatened wildlife on special occasions is a wonderful way to celebrate the special moments in life. This can entail asking friends and family to donate to Friends of AWC in place of a physical gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other celebration. 

Spread awareness

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If you're unable to take big action, the act of tagging, sharing, and promoting AWC’s content on your social media channels will help spread AWC’s message, giving your network pause to reflect on the significant issues that Australia’s wildlife is facing. 

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Get in touch today to learn more about how you can help AWC save Australia’s threatened wildlife and wild places