Board of Directors


Mr Mark Mills - Chair

Mark has built his career on the idea that environmental issues are important to investment outcomes. In the early 90's, Mark and a partner designed a rating system to assess the environmental performance of businesses in order to develop investment funds. In 2000 they established an investment business in Australia based on a  broader environmental, social and governance rating system. In 2005 Mark and his family moved to London where he helped establish Generation Investment Management. Mark remains a partner of the firm, which pioneered what is known today as sustainable investing.  Mark became a Director of AWT in August 2014 and appointed Chair, March 2015

Mr Anthony Deagan

Anthony has worked all over the world, an avid surfer since he first learned to swim on Sydney’s beaches, he grew up constantly in the ocean and has always considered himself an environmental custodian for the next generation. Introduced to the work of AWC in 2013 whilst living and working in New York, by his own admission he was aghast by the reported rates of native Australian flora and fauna decline. He has been an active and passionate supporter of AWC ever since and was delighted to join the board of Friends of AWC in 2018. Combining his appreciation of the Australian environment in particular and a heartfelt sense of responsibility, Anthony is deeply committed to the important work of AWC.


Anthony and his family moved from NY to London in 2015 and he is currently General Manager of Markets (Europe) for National Australia Bank. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University and a Master of Finance from The University of Technology Sydney

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