Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (formerly Australian Wildlife Trust) is a UK-based non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Australia's wildlife. Donations to Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (FoAWC) are tax deductible in the United Kingdom.


FoAWC supports the acquisition and management of land in Australia for conservation, as well as the conduct of scientific research and public education.


We support Australian organisations, like the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, that have a track record of conservation success and focus on practical, on-ground action, world-class science and measurable results.


The AWC Story

Australian Wildlife Conservancy was borne out of one man’s mission to turn back the tide of extinctions of Australia’s native species. Starting with one property in south Western Australia, Martin Copley began a journey which would lead to the creation of Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the creation of a new model for conservation. 

Through support from donors and innovative partnerships with Indigenous groups, governments and landholders, AWC now owns or manages 29 properties across the nation, covering almost 6.5 million hectares. 

Through this network of large-scale wildlife sanctuaries in remote and iconic regions, such as the Kimberley, Cape York, central Australia and the Top End, we protect some of the nation’s most iconic and endangered wildlife including:

  • 72 per cent of native mammal species (207 species)

  • 88 per cent of native bird species (541 species)

  • 54 per cent of reptile species (523 species)

  • 54 per cent of amphibian species (127 species)

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Your support of ​Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy will help to save Australia's threatened animals. We are a registered charity no: 1126703 and all donations to FoAWC are tax deductible in the United Kingdom.


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